ABBOTT AT A GLANCE….We create breakthrough products – in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals – that help you, your family and your community lead healthier lives, full of unlimited possibilities. Today, 107,000 of us are working to make a lasting impact on health in the more than 160 countries we serve.

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At Bayer, We’re Excited About The Future And All Its Possibilities. Advancing Health And Nutrition Is What We Do Best And Care About Most. Because The Solutions We Create Will Advance Life Tomorrow, And Help People And The Planet To Thrive. We Believe We Must Strive For A Better Tomorrow, So We Can All Live Life To Its Full Potential.

Peter Trask


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AstraZeneca Is A Global, Innovation-Driven Biopharmaceutical Business With A Focus On The Discovery, Development And Commercialization Of Primary And Specialty Care Medicines That Transform Lives. Our Primary Focus Is On Three Important Areas Of Healthcare: Cardiovascular, Renal And Metabolic Disease; Oncology; And Respiratory & Immunology. For More Information, Visit

Chad Lennon

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